Disneyland is Neato!

Everyone knows that!


Home of the. . .

Tiki Room!!

You can take pictures inside – but NO FLASH, please!!

We hope so, too!

Over at the Disneyland Hotel, they were inspired by Adventureland to create the Tangeroa Terrace.

It overlooks the newly refurbished pool (omigosh!  the pool has a monorail going through it!) and it is the home of Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar.

Here’s a neat article written about it before it opened.  We visited in June of 2011 and it was brand new!  Look how cool the bar is!

Sometimes this “window” would play thunder and make it look like it was raining outside.

To hide the construction that was going on at the hotel, Disney put up temporary walls and decorated them with vintage posters of some of their most classic attractions:

(hey look – the Tiki Room!)

What’s this attraction?

It’s in Adventureland. . .

It’s the Jungle Cruise, of course!!

Here’s an interesting column about the history of the Jungle Cruise.

Anyone remember the People Mover??

Dang it!  It’s closed now!  Well, maybe they’ll bring it back one day.

Hey!!  What attraction is this poster for (I’m not telling!):

Disneyland at night is especially neat-o.  We took the Disneyland Railroad around a couple times to take a look (oh man, this is a pretty great overview of the Railroad).

You almost feel like you’re going behind the scenes when the train takes you through New Orleans Square (from the back). . .

(it’s a little bit spooky!)

And you get to go through Splash Mountain!!!

Don’t forget Tomorrowland!

The Grand Canyon & Primeval World don’t seem very flashy and modern, but they are still amazing. . .

In 2011, Primeval World turned 45 years old!  Read some more about it here.

As a little kid, I was kind of afraid of Primeval World!  Looking at these pictures, I think you can understand why!  They make it all warm and humid in there so you can get the overall primeval experience.

Everyone loves the Pirates of the Caribbean!

(also a little bit spooky!)

But my favorite ride is Indiana Jones!

Come to think of it, this ride is pretty scary, too!

Don’t look into the eyes!!!

Oh no, you LOOKED!!!

The following is a still-image representation of what it’s like to ride this ride:

Whoosh!!!  That was AWESOME!

I don’t know, you guys, I’m not sure that balloon is gonna make it!!

Well, good-night Disneyland!

We will be missing you, until we meet again!

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