Check out Pavel Kosenko ‘s blog post of some of his favorite pictures from WWII!!

Thanks to my Dad for sharing this with me!×5-kodachromes/

Pavel’s blog pretty much speaks for itself.

These Kodachrome pics make the people look so much more modern, don’t you think?  Being so clear and in color, you could imagine that these are people you see everyday in your life, not someone from 70 years ago!

Thanks to for their amazing archive of these kinds of photos!


Lookit!!!!  It’s the Space Shuttle on the back of a plane flying over the Hollywood sign!

First it landed at LAX on the back of a 747!

And now it’s on its way to the California Science Center on the back of a truck, er a truck-like thingy!

(Hey!  Is that a guy off to the side in the upper left DRIVING it???)

I actually got to see it land, but my photo is really terrible.  I was too busy cheering as it went by!

Haven’t seen it going down the street in person yet, but the above pictures are from The L.A. Times, The L.A. Times, The San Bernardino Sun, USA Today, The L.A. Times, and the New York Times!

THE ALASKA SEA LIFE CENTER, located in Seward, Alaska, does neat stuff!!

Hey Guys – Check out what the Alaska Sea Life Center is up to!  Here’s a video from the end of August that shows two orphaned walrus calves, Pakak and Mitik, being cared for at the Center:

Walruses need lots of hugs and cuddling.  It’s true!

So it’s very sad when they have to be by themselves.  Fortunately, these two now have each other and the amazing staff and volunteers at the Sea Life Center.

If you ever get to Seward, Alaska you HAVE to visit the Alaska Sea Life Center.  Check out their cool website:

Here’s a great article about Pakak and Mitik in the Anchorage Daily News: