TRAVEL TOWN – Griffith Park, Los Angeles, CA

Continuing our Griffith Park theme, we have Travel Town – a fantastic collection of steam locomotives from Railroad’s Golden Age.

It was a gorgeous day for our visit. There were many families and kids climbing the cabs and pulling on levers. We admit we got a little bugged at first, but only because they were in OUR way of climbing and pulling. The locomotives in the park come from all over the nation, and even some from Hawaii

Look how big that wheel is!

There are many information plaques outlining how important the rail service was in building our nation, and in delivering supplies during World War II.

What type of animal do you think made these footprints???

There are two buildings of other displays, showing off the luxurious way people traveled before the advent of airplanes. Just as people prefer different airlines today, the different rail lines also offered different levels of comfort and service, and the dining car was a big draw.

There was also a building of other types of vehicles.

The topper was riding the miniature train around the perimeter of the park.

Don’t forget to wave!

With free admission and parking this is a great way to spend an afternoon.

For more info about Travel Town:

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